Emergency Medical Resources, based in Navarre, FL, was first established in 1983, in northeastern Pennsylvania. We provide a variety of consulting services as well as proving education and training, both domestically and internationally.  

We will strive to give you the most expert and capable services imaginable. The members of our team have over 100 years of combined involvement in military medicine, civilian EMS, and engineering technology.

Individuals brought to training situations for our clients have extensive experience both in the classroom, skills lab, and the field. If our instructors are teaching a client’s personnel something, they are doing so because they’ve done it themselves and aren’t necessarily relying on a lesson plan or PowerPoint presentation. Tell us what the mission is for your personnel to be trained and we’ll either utilize a program that fits the mission or we will develop a curriculum, skill teaching stations, and practical scenarios to fit your needs.

With the onset of COVID-19, we have reestablished our own online store and are emphasizing products of use during the pandemic.  For those in need of COVID-specific products, we offer some excellent sources of the following:

- PPE - With an excellent relationship between Secure-Chain here in the USA and Sea Defense in Turkey, we are a direct seller of products manufactured by TGA Medical and Akfe Tekstil that are both FDA and CE cleared.  Most of these are not listed in our online store due to the unique needs and characteristics of such products.  CONTACT US for the product specifics.

- COVID test kits for both laboratories and self-test purposes...we have three unique sources for these.

- Vaccines

- COVID medications

While constantly undergoing changes, we welcome you to visit our store HERE

Starting with the assumption of the management and manufacturing of the Aegis line of tactical medical kits, Emergency Medical Resources, LLC, has expanded and continues to expand our line of kits.  Our kits are assembled and packaged by our kitting partner, ARC Herkimer. If you see a kit that fits your tactical medical requirements, you can purchase our “off the shelf” kits or tell us what you need and we’ll make it happen for you. There is always a one to two-week delay for most kits as they are assembled when ordered to maximize the life-expectancy of kits containing components having an expiration date. Following kitting, since the majority of these kits are vacuum sealed, they are allowed to sit for 48-hours to assure that the vacuum holds.

Boater First Aid Kit™ is our trademarked series of kits for having appropriate emergency medical supplies available during on-the-water emergencies.  

Emergency Medical Resources, LLC is a Veteran-Owned Small Business. Read more about the company CEO here: BIOSKETCH.