Preparing those who are prepared

We know you are always prepared to take care of others. Are you prepared to take care of yourself and your family?
As most of our readers are involved as a responder when a disaster strikes, let’s make sure that we’re not the proverbial “shoemaker’s children”.
For a number of years, since we here in NW Florida are “good at” tropical storms. For many years, we’ve made it a practice to make hotel reservations way out of town every time there’s any possibility of a storm hitting our area. It costs nothing and for major hotels, reservations can usually be cancelled up to the day of arrival. When you’re making those reservations keep your needs in mind: Children; pets; relatives with special needs.
If preparing to stick it out at home when a storm approaches, FEMA recommends several critical things for you to have on hand:
• Water – One gallon per day for each member of the family for at least three days
• Non-perishable food for at least three days…dehydrated or freeze-dried foods are a great set-aside-for-emergencies item to have in your home at all times. Most of the best such foodstuffs don’t take up much space and can easily be grab-and-go items as well.
• If you have an infant who’s still on formula, have some of that set aside as well.
• Food for your pets.
• An ample supply of family prescription medications
• Flashlight and extra batteries
• As a storm approaches, fill one tub in your house with water so that you’ll have spare water around for person hygiene in the event your water supply system is interrupted
There a lot more that you should have to be truly prepared and for a far more comprehensive list of items, visit the FEMA web site at and look at the comprehensive Emergency Supply List.
Remember that in the event of a major weather related disaster, it’s highly unlikely that any outside assistance in the way of food, water, and shelter will get to you much sooner than three days after the event.

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