Our team has over 100 years of combined involvement in military medicine, civilian EMS, emergency management, and biomedical engineering. We provide quality emergency medical supplies and equipment, education, personnel for austere medical deployments, and a variety of consulting services. Our leadership draws on the expertise of a pool of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds in civilian Fire, EMS, Emergency Management and Military Medicine.  Based in Navarre, Florida, our company was originally established in northeastern Pennsylvania in 1983 but has called Northwest Florida home for over twenty years.


Emergency Medical Resources, LLC will give you the most expert and capable services in the areas of:

  • Emergency medical supplies and equipment
  • Training - from basic first aid and CPR to advanced care courses including TCCC and TECC
  • Deployable medical and support personnel
  • Consulting

IN EMERGENCY MEDICAL SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT… We will not settle for second best. Better products that produce superior results keep medics safer and increase patient survivability. Visit our online store with a current emphasis on COVID needs STORE

TRAINING… We are a training center for internationally recognized medical training certifications. In addition, for situations requiring unique curricula, we will work with our clients to develop a program that perfectly suits the mission and requirements. We are a training site for the NAEMT PHTLS, TECC, and TCCC courses.

DEPLOYABLE MEDICAL & SUPPORT PERSONNEL… Drawing from a pool of over eight hundred professionals, many of whom have a background in military medicine, we can supply you with the best for austere medical missions, long- or short-term.

CONSULTING… If you have a product or service that needs fine-tuning, we can help. If you need representation, we have an impeccable reputation. If you are an attorney seeking medical-legal consulting involving emergency medical services, we have over thirty years of such engagements.

OUR MISSION… Manufacturers, medical advisers, and others with extensive backgrounds in emergency medical care focus on accomplishing just one thing: Reducing death and disability from illnesses and injuries. Our goal is zero preventable deaths regardless of the setting or the location.


  • Custom, mission-specific kits
  • DEET-free and natural insect repellent
  • Deployable medical personnel
  • Education equipment and supplies
  • Emergency medical equipment solutions
  • Portable and deployable medical facilities
  • Survival food
  • Survival Gear
  • Tactical clothing and equipment
  • Training programs
  • PPE aligned with the needs of providers in the coronavirus pandemic

Emergency Medical Resources, LLC, is always interested in talking with other manufacturers and suppliers about how we can assist in growing your business.

Emergency Medical Resources' current CAPABILITIES STATEMENT - 2020 continually being updated.

Our fee schedule for Consulting Services can be downloaded here CONSULTING, and we invite you to consider Dr. Clinchy for your upcoming conferences: CONFERENCES